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Wie in Asien




plastic and metal bowls,


hosepipes, pondpump,

various plastic items,

passport, birth control pills, candles,



I brought plastic items from Indonesia and Thailand back to Germany to my studio and worked on re-constructing a memory -distorted by time- between kitsch and dirt, minimalism and abundance, freedom and powerlessness.

Technically it’s a fountain but I see it more as a waterfall where the water makes its way downwards from pool to pool.

During my travels through South East Asia I kept noticing the colourful water bowls that I would bump into everywhere, from the bathroom behind the street kitchen to randomly in the middle of a cloth shop, maybe because of a leak in the roof, to somewhere close to the jungle to bath the baby in front of the house. It felt like they were everywhere. All these bright plastic objects, that are losing their function so fast and then are still lasting nearly forever.

The water bowls are appearing through all areas of life where the people are using water: personal hygiene, washing clothes, cleaning, flushing the toilet, washing dishes, drinking, watering the plants and the animals, breed fish... same water, different uses, no way to live without it...

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