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videoloop „filmchen“ 3:38 min 

soundloop 1:53 h „Vogelgezwitscher im Wald bei Morgengrauen“

15 photos (various sizes max. 1m)

sculpture „Café plus“

fog, tent, mattress, flashlights, soil



This installation is under the influence. A bid to reproduce the exuberant feelings of connectedness, mesmerisation, fantasy and dizziness and the appeal to enjoy moments in flux and to recognize even the inconspicuous ones. 

A link between the details and the whole life involved in it. 

By activating different senses (with pictures, fog, sounds of the
spheres, the possibility to lay down comfortably) the installation creates an atmosphere - a transcendent room. 


The vison is blurred also through the installations content with different possible readings of the pictures, the sound, the darkness, the place emerges depending on the past experiences of the visitor: if it’s a child or a grown up, took drugs or not... 


whole video on vimeo: password: filmchen

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